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Some things to know:
- Stage photography is subject to each band's photo policies. We anticipate these to be a standard, first three songs for each band. These rules are subject change on the day of the event.
- Stage photography access is strictly limited to the photo pit. NO STAGE OR BACKSTAGE ACCESS AT ANY TIME.
- Media credentials are valid only for those to whom they are issued. Sharing/passing of credentials is strictly forbidden.
- Festival environments are unpredictable; as such, policies may change on the fly. We will have a representative on site to escort you to restricted areas and inform you of any policy changes.
- Violation of festival media policies will result in loss of credentials and removal from the event.


Wanna Share?
Would you like to share some of your pictures after the festival? Not required, but appreciated! The festival would retain the right to use them in 2018 recap and any future marketing (with proper photo credit).